Panacea Florida
on Florida's Forgotten Coast

Overnight Ride - April 2004 - photos by Russ

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Rendezvous en route at SR 44 near Wildwood

Two signs sure to put this group's brakes on, "STOP" and "Buffet Daily"

Lunchtime in Bronson

The Landing restaurant and motel in Panacea

It's a gimmick but believe it or not, this is what made us choose the place

A salad boat and a huge dining room at The Landing

St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge near Wakulla

The historic Lighthouse at St. Mark's River

Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge

Courtyard and entryway the lodge at Wakulla Springs

Waterfront at Wakulla Springs

Glass-bottom boats and jungle tour boats on the Wakulla River

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